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SAP RMA Returns

Top 11 Things You Did Not Know About SAP RMA Returns [eBook]

What You Ought to Know About SAP RMA Returns using Detering's Receiving Workbench (RWB)

Why does the RWB Receiving Workbench exist?

Return Materials Authorization - RMA


First, let us offer a brief definition of what the RMA acronym means.

SAP RMA Process

The RMA in SAP is the Return Material Authorization process, many times used as an acronym for "returns" in general and is part of the advanced reverse logistics capabilities of SAP.  The RMA process in SAP is solved via Notifications and RMA Return Orders with their follow-on documents, or via the new ARM - SAP Advanced Returns Management in SAP transaction.  This transaction is at least partially supported as a SAP Fiori based transaction, with some customization required. 

Most OEMs Receive Massive Numbers of Returns Daily

That is why they need to automate the customer returns process in SAP SD while increasing the efficiency and decreasing the cost of it.  The return sales order process in SAP has to work smoothly and effectively for the reverse logistics process to function properly.   It is also a key factor in achieving high customer satisfaction ratings and improving a business Net Promoter Score or NPS.

The Existing SAP Solution (in SAP ECC and S/4HANA) Has Some White Space

The Receiving Workbench represents a space within the overall RMA solution that has not been developed for which we know there is a need. These functionalities are typically implemented by a combination of SAP ECC or S/4HANA SD/CS/MM and EWM - extended warehouse management. If WM or EWM is not being used, the SAP IM Inventory Management module in combination with SD, CS, and MM has to provide the below listed functionality, which does not exist out of the box.

By developing the Receiving Workbench and filling the gap in the  RMA in SAP,  our solution helps SAP customers tremendously:

  • Provides support for multiple return types
  • Automatic document lookup and creation
  • Ready for SAP Leonardo Blockchain
  • Bar-code scanning support
  • TAT - Turn-Around-Tme calculation and monitoring support
  • Warranty, contract SLA flowdown
  • Pre-baked defaults populated automatically by SAP saving operator time
  • Manage customer delivered additional parts, packaging
  • Scan Customer Documentation linking to receipt
  • Solution for Blind Receipt -- part shows up on doc issue
  • Support for Service Calls and Field Level Generation and Processing of RMA Request

This and many other functionalities and benefits all make up the Detering Consulting RWB Receiving Workbench. If you would like to get an overview of the SAP ERP and RMA RWB solution, press this button

 Download Your  SAP Receiving Workbench  Overview Presentation

Soren Detering

My name is Soren. I am the founder of Detering Consulting. I began the company in 2003 because I wanted to provide more value for SAP customers. I knew that many of them were missing out on all the great benefits that could be obtained from the software. Before establishing Detering Consulting, I completed my education by obtaining a Master’s in Computer Science. After that, I worked at SAP in Germany and SAP Labs in North America for 10 years. My extensive background in solution management, project planning and -management, implementation services and leadership includes experience in: Automotive, A&D, High Tech, Medical Equipment, and Manufacturing Industries.
Me and my teams have successfully assisted many customers with their SAP ERP software, completed several full life cycle implementation projects, and carried out over 30 projects in SAP ECC and S/4 Hana. My experience has given me the unique ability to scope out ERP solutions in a very short amount of time. I have a knack for finding untapped money-making opportunities and discovering areas where customers could be saving money. I currently live and work in Palo Alto, CA just 10 minutes away from the SAP office. I dedicate myself to helping our clients with our SAP consulting services. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing, kickboxing, and spending time with my family and our two Taiwanese Mountain dogs.

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