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SAP RWB Receiving Workbench Solution

RWB Presentation Screenshot.png


Are you aware that the return function for service related returns is white-space in SAP ECC and S/4Hana? 

Advanced Return Management is an updated version of SAP Returns Management.  It forms part of our Intelligent Returns Management solution for SAP ACS Warranty Management.  It dramatically improves the customer experience as well as your financial returns.





SAP RWB Receiving Workbench Solution that is easy to implement!

Simple to run. 

Does your company have an RMA in-house repair process? Do you use SAP? 

In the RWB Receiving Workbench Overview Presentation, you can read about the top 3 benefits of the SAP RWB solution:  

  • Automate SAP Document Creation Process
  • Integrate with SAP Leonardo Blockchain
  • Support Multiple Inbound Return Use Cases

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