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SAP Business Consulting Services

Detering Consulting is a premier SAP consulting firm with two decades of SAP experience that designs, delivers, and implements a full range of SAP solutions to your business solution needs.

SAP Consulting Company USA

SAP Business Consulting Services

Detering Consulting is a premier SAP consulting firm with two decades of SAP experience that designs, delivers, and implements a full range of SAP solutions to your business solution needs. Special delivery focus:

Providing clients with advanced SAP consulting and project staffing capabilities.

SAP Solutions – Ready to Implement

SAP Warranty Productive in 3 months!

SAP Hybris Billing

SAP Consulting

Through a continuous process of productizing the SAP Service offering we are able to offer unique SAP consulting solutions.  Detering Consulting's value proposition includes:

  • Impeccable track record delivering projects successfully
  • Achieving SAP PartnerEdge Partner status
  • Having a strong SAP alumni network with SAP and many SAP customers which gives us instant credibility and an inside track
  • SAP ACS Warranty Solution Resale and end-to-end delivery capability
  • An ability to deliver successful projects rapidly using proven Best Practices and accelerators. Examples: RDS, World Template, ACS, SCM.
  • Experience delivering complex projects in large multi-national and multi-cultural organizations such as Samsung, Honeywell, Stryker Medical, Blount
  • Low overhead which translates to a low cost structure for our clients

How do we do it

  • From every project we derive lessons learned following the SAP ASAP1 methodology
    1Successor to SAP ASAP is SAP Activate  
  • Participate in SAP Info Days, Sapphires, ASUG, and other SAP forums
    • Is a two-way information flow 
    • We often times act as the voice of the customer 
  • Maintaining a continuous dialog with SAP clients and SAP allowing us to
    translate 'technical lead-in buzz' into practical solutions using SAP technologies such as:
    •  IoT (Internet of Things, SAP Leonardo)
    • HCP - Hana Cloud Platform
    • Understanding of the positioning of C4C, C4S, Customer Management Service Core
    • Which processes can and should live in the cloud and which still are required to live on premise 
  • Learning from previous projects - sometimes it is possible to reuse the approach, or the skeleton of a report or enhancement.  
    Therefore, the know-how of how a requirement is solved, has already been delivered before, at several client implementations.
    The blueprint, solution approach is already solved. All it needs is....to be executed. That is a big difference to 'we will figure this out' approach.  
  • From experience knowing which best practices work in which situation. 
    Experience with accelerators and when SAP accelerators such as RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions), World Template make sense.

If above rings true with your expectations, makes sense to you, get in touch with us by hitting this button:

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Warranty  Management Mind Map

Download the SAP ACS Warranty Mind Map

The SAP Warranty Mind Map is designed to help you understand the complexity of the warranty process and how the SAP Warranty Management Solution works.  It will help you understand a complex subject.

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Run The SAP Warranty Treasure Map

The Warranty Treasure Map is an online calculator combined with a guided procedure with built-in logic to provide you with advanced business value and savings figures for your SAP Warranty project.


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Willem Gouws, Airlines & MRO Solution Manager

SAP AG, Melbourne, Australia

"Delivery Capabilities Are Exceptionally Good!"

Worked with Soren over a number of engagements, and his expert knowledge in the A&D solution as well as delivery capabilities are exceptionally good. Would work with him any day again in future


Lloyd Whiting MBA, Managing SAP Functional Consultant and Instructor

HCL AXON, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Area

"Solutions That Would Not Have Been Possible Otherwise"

Soren's past SAP Labs experience, vast array of contacts, and appreciation for our business processes lead to solutions that would not have been possible otherwise.


Joerg Rohde, Global CEO

Novigo, San Francisco Bay Area

"Focused on Adding Value to His Clients"

Soren is a highly qualified SAP Expert, focused on adding value to his clients; above and beyond the scope at hand.