SAP Business Consulting Experience - Practice Areas



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SAP Implementation Consulting Services

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SAP Implementation Consulting Services –  Detailed Focus Areas

Service Contract Billing Management 

Sales and Distribution in ECC & CRM

  • Indirect, Direct Sales
  • Usage type billing, performance-based billing, power by the hour
  • Billing Workbench
    • frontend UI that helps billing specialists to run billing proposals, review to be billed hours and amounts and mass-create billing requests and invoices
    • supports COO - vendor contract payments
    • supports annual true-up 
    • and financial integration to close-out contracts or carry-over 
  • Government Billing – AOPB, VBS Alternate Hierarchy: VBS and Alternate Hierarchy Add-on and AOPB: Extended Contract Management / Advanced Order Processing and Billing
  • Resource Related Billing RRB in ECC 6.0
  • E-Commerce/Web Channel, WCEM (Web Channel Experience Management), CRM/ECC
  • Exchange/Rental Pool
  • Sales Forecasting
  • InterCompany Drop-Ship and Procurement
  • InterCompany invoicing
  • Adobe Print Forms, Adobe Interactive Forms
  • SD Simplification Role, POWL, NWBC Netweaver Business Client
  • TREX/Enterprise Search
  • Batch Management Traceability, Batch Tracking, Batch Usage Reporting
  • MRO Invoicing, SD billing request with large number of line items, performance improvements through enhancements
  • CRM Web Channel
  • Subscription sales and -management, Revenue Recognition, now in standard ECC 6.0, Digital delivery of subscriptions

CS/SM – Customer Service

  • Depot and Field Service Customer Service Business Processes 
  • Spare Parts Management 
  • IWB – Inspector’s Workbench (IWB) Add-on: Configuration and Repair Management of complex equipment such as aircraft engines, airplane structures, landing gear
  • Service Order and Notification Status Management
  • Spare Part Sales (Part condition, global availability)
  • Rotables Management – Component Maintenance Cockpit
  • Subcontracting of component repair service, or vendor warranty returns
  • Equipment and Tool Management
  • SD/CS/SM/PM Archiving Strategy
  • Supplier Managed Inventory
  • System and User Status Management
  • Audit Management (CA-AUD)

PS – Project Systems

  • Project Systems integration with PM/SM Customer Service linking Service Orders to WBS and Project Network
  • PS Scheduling
  • Project Systems Costing and integration with Resource Related Billing
  • New G/L
  • New Project Builder

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