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SAP Business Consulting Experience - Practice Areas


SAP Implementation Consulting Services –  Detailed Focus Areas:


SAP Warranty Management 

Warranty Management Entitlements:

Multiple master warranty assignments on both customer- and vendor-side

  • SAP ECC and S/4 HANA standard delivery has one customer and one vendor warranty assignment only

Equipment serial master - Warranty auto-assignment utility

  • Flexible rules-driven assignment of master warranties, start dates, and other data to the serials that exist in the field during conversion, and to newly shipped serials through SD, Shipping, and EWM

Warranty Entitlement Checking Routine / RFC -- enabled, so you can call our entitlement check from anywhere in the SAP system, or from the web, or cloud-based applications 

Warranty Claims Processing

  • Customer Facing (IC/OC)
    Action/ Status concept
    Functional and technical design of specific functions
    Claim Defect Code Catalog, Defect/Cause/Correction catalogs, can add additional catalogs
    Systematic warranty verification on installation level, component level against customer as well as vendor facing warranty entitlements
  • Vendor Facing:
    Supplier Recovery from part vendors (OV/IV)
  • Warranty Claims Custom Screens
    Header/version, items - Warranty Repair & Vendor Determination Screen
  • Other screen-related updates, populate claim fields from any area in the SAP system. For example, Functional Location, Equipment, Material Master, Customer- Vendor Master, derive control codes from control tables
  • Custom Long Texts
    • Add any long text module to the header or version or item 
  • Warranty Claim integration to Service Order: 
    • Integration rules between service order and claim
    • Integrating SAP Service Orders to SAP Claims, available as an add-on
    • Integrating SAP Sales Orders to SAP Claims, also available as an add-on
  • Preconfigured Warranty Claims Portal, available as an add-on
As you can see, warranty claims processing entails a long list of processes and technical areas to master. The standard SAP warranty claims functionality, aka SAP Component LO-WTY, is a Lego box: it exists good, foundational concepts, however merely as a conceptional framework, not fully built-out as is the case in the traditional modules, e.g. SAP MM, SD, FICO. Fully built-out in terms of configurability, case in point SD has about  Therefore, a multitude of functional as well as technical enhancements will be required. Enhancements are spec'd and written in SAP source code (ABAP) for both ECC and S/4 Hana. Many, if not most required enhancements are available from Detering Consulting as a templated add-on package. We look back to 20+ years of SAP Warranty experience, and have encountered many problems, solved, and implemented, and therefore gained a very deep advanced product knowledge, combined with our add-ons and templates, saves our customer tremendous amount of time and money. Also, we deliver proven solutions.
We employ SAP LO-WTY as a basis, add the Fast Start template, and add further from our toolbox add-ons as needed. The ACS Fast Start is a fixed price deliverable from Detering Consulting in collaboration with SAP Germany. The ACS Fast Start then forms the new basis and framework of your SAP Warranty Claims implementation project, typically further enhanced during your project.
Naturally, SAP Warranty projects can entail a project timeline and skillset risk, that is initially impossible to see or understand by the SAP customer.  
We remove that risk by applying advanced consulting knowledge to your business questions and requirements. Case in point, during our famous QuickScan workshop, our SAP expert team takes your business managers and directors through the scope of a typical SAP warranty project, identifying your company's specific scope, in the possibly shortest amount of time, to provide your PMO and leadership clarity on: 
  • Scope
  • Timeline
  • Required Skillset
  • Project Implementation Cost

Another benefit we observe often is, how the mood of your managers changes during the QuickScan workshop,  creating excitement, and anticipation, if not joy that comes from seeing the solution in your managers minds, and knowing, your team will confidently achieve their goals previously thought of as somewhat unattainable. This is the situation on the ground. 

Having gained clarity and equipped with a high-level business Blueprint and SAP ASAP (and leaning on Activate as much as possible) infused project plan, your C- and VP-level leadership can now make project decisions fast and confidently, saving the company potentially millions of dollars. 


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Service Contract Billing Management 

Sales and Distribution in ECC & CRM

  • Indirect, Direct Sales
  • Usage type billing, performance-based billing, power by the hour
  • Billing Workbench
    • Frontend UI that helps billing specialists to run billing proposals, review to be billed hours and amounts and mass-create billing requests and invoices
      SAP Fiori /UI5 based
    • supports COO - vendor contract payments
    • supports annual true-up 
    • and financial integration to close-out contracts or carry-over 
  • Government Billing – AOPB, VBS Alternate Hierarchy: VBS and Alternate Hierarchy Add-on and AOPB: Extended Contract Management / Advanced Order Processing and Billing
  • Resource Related Billing RRB in ECC 6.0
  • E-Commerce/Web Channel, WCEM (Web Channel Experience Management), CRM/ECC
  • Exchange/Rental Pool
  • Sales Forecasting
  • InterCompany Drop-Ship and Procurement
  • InterCompany invoicing
  • Adobe Print Forms, Adobe Interactive Forms
  • SD Simplification Role, POWL, NWBC Netweaver Business Client
  • TREX/Enterprise Search
  • Batch Management Traceability, Batch Tracking, Batch Usage Reporting
  • MRO Invoicing, SD billing request with large number of line items, performance improvements through enhancements
  • CRM Web Channel
  • Subscription sales and -management, Revenue Recognition, now in standard ECC 6.0, Digital delivery of subscriptions

CS/SM – Customer Service

  • Depot and Field Service Customer Service Business Processes 
  • Spare Parts Management 
  • IWB – Inspector’s Workbench (IWB) Add-on: Configuration and Repair Management of complex equipment such as aircraft engines, airplane structures, landing gear
  • Service Order and Notification Status Management
  • Spare Part Sales (Part condition, global availability)
  • Rotables Management – Component Maintenance Cockpit
  • Subcontracting of component repair service, or vendor warranty returns
  • Equipment and Tool Management
  • SD/CS/SM/PM Archiving Strategy
  • Supplier Managed Inventory
  • System and User Status Management
  • Audit Management (CA-AUD)

PS – Project Systems

  • Project Systems integration with PM/SM Customer Service linking Service Orders to WBS and Project Network
  • PS Scheduling
  • Project Systems Costing and integration with Resource Related Billing
  • New G/L
  • New Project Builder

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