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Top 11 Things You Did Not Know You Can Do with SAP Fiori

Top 11 Things You Did Not Know You Can Do with SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori Types - Four Pillars .png

And 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do

As a niche SAP Consultancy, Detering Consulting has learned a lot about what you can and can’t do with SAP Fiori.

SAP Fiori Types - Four Pillars .png

Here are the top 11 features and benefits of SAP Fiori


  1. SAP’s future only UI which provides a future-proof UI platform
  2. Browsers supporting UI5 run Fiori,- Fiori works across all devices*)
    SAP UI5 Supported Browsers and OS across Platforms
  3. Fiori is browser based -> eliminates software installs
  4. Incorporates UI5: a vast library of modern dynamic controls
  5. Better control over canvas so that developers can control flow and visualize anything they can imagine
  6. Mix OLTP with OLAP data allowing you to mix both transactional and business intelligence types of data
  7. User experience matches what users expect thus providing an enterprise software experience that has an end-user experience most likely to be adopted
  8. SAP has a huge number of screens and transactions --> SAP is rolling out SAP Fiori transactions on a steady basis. Standard transaction replacement rate is impressive, so much so, that SAP UI can already be switched off starting with S/4 Hana 1809
  9. Single point of entry for business applications and analytics which delivers a simplified, personalizable access to common applications
  10. SAP Smart Business which delivers real-time dynamic KPI (Key Performance Indicators) updates
  11. Large SAP Fiori Apps LibraryMany common business processes have already been app-ified by SAP. Accessible online via this link: https://fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com/sap/fix/externalViewer/



Here are the 3 things to watch out for:

  1. SAP Fiori Applications do not work “out of the box” they require the correct technical and functional configuration on the frontend and backend systems.
  2. SAP Fiori Gateway is using Restful API; if your transaction interaction on the application is complex, all data in backend cannot be cached (since every call is independent), hence performance may be adversely affected. Gateway can be configured to switch on a caching mechanism, possibly leading to instability. SAP Fiori Customers should avoid accessing large data sets - however HANA or Elastic Search as a backend is usually ok.
  3. Going forward, two developer skill-sets will be required for Fiori application development:
    - a UI Designer (specialized in UI5 design, typically less concerned with database and transactional 'backend'), and
    - a backend ABAP developer that knows HANA, business process, transactional flows, AND Fiori.

In closing, there are a lot of great benefits available for SAP Customers who use SAP Fiori.

If you'd like to learn more then download our guide: "SAP Fiori UX Approach Detering Consulting"


Read the SAP Fiori UX  Design Approach Presentation







*) see https://openui5.blogspot.com/2014/09/browser-compatibility-matrix.htmlCommon OS, device, and browser combinations are supported, however need to make sure versions match.

By Soren Detering | March 26th, 2018 | SAP Fiori | 0 Comments

About the Author: Soren Detering

Soren is a SAP Senior Solution Architect , Founder and Owner at Detering Consulting, a niche SAP consulting firm focusing on SAP Sales, Service, and Warranty Management Solutions

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