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SAP Warranty MindMap

Explore SAP Warranty Interactively

SAP Warranty is a fully integrated warranty solution from SAP.  What is SAP warranty?  At its core, it is an expression of business rules and the mostly regional or global warranty policy of your enterprise for your products and services.  Highly integrated within multiple SAP ‘modules’, or functional areas, SAP Warranty is able to receive claims via EDI or a portal, or other means, process the claim through its life cycle, testing against business rules, communicating with partners and administrators, and automatically adjudicte your claims, eventually posting the financial result to FICO - as a credit or debit posting. 

Warranty  Management Mind Map.jpgAll automatic. 
And, of course, the claim can be stopped for manual processing at any time. Based on checks. 

  • Our SAP Warranty MindMap will help you get your mind around the warranty boundaries and integration areas
  • Use it to quickly learn the fundamental building blocks of a comprehensive SAP Warranty Solution

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SAP Warranty MindMap