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Welcome to Detering Consulting. 

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Welcome to Detering Consulting.  We offer SAP consulting services that provide industry-specific solutions so that clients can get the most out of their SAP investments.

How We Help Our Customers

SAP software supports businesses in many different areas, such as finance, sales, service, supply chain, production, and more.  The software’s basic capabilities can be enhanced with custom changes that unlock its full potential. 


But customizing the standard package requires a combination of advanced technical and SAP product know-how that most customers don’t have.  This prevents them from taking full advantage of SAP software and obtaining the most benefits possible.


That's where we come in. We teach SAP customers how to use their SAP software for their specific industry, making it user friendly. We also offer premium add-on solutions that you won’t find anywhere else.


Our add-on solutions include:



Our SAP solutions are the result of our meticulous development process. Although highly-complex, our advanced solutions are easy to implement using a repeatable process so that any business can use them resulting in high ROI.   One of our primary skill areas is within Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, being part of our MRO consulting services capabilities. Our clients consider us one of the best SAP industry solutions consulting providers.


Once implemented, our solutions improve business systems and processes. This improvement leads to an increase in customer satisfaction, helps find untapped sources of revenue, and provides an attractive ROI between 3 months and 12-18 months, which all contribute to the overall success of a business.


In addition, clients are able to improve access to important data, allowing them to analyze their existing processes in order to pinpoint areas that need a little extra work.


This incredibly valuable insight guides them to even higher levels of achievement, while also providing helpful information for making accurate predictions in areas like SPM (Spare Parts Management), warranty claims, supplier recovery, and service management.

What Makes Us Different

Our team of SAP experts and engineers have years of hands-on experience, which has given us the vital skills and knowledge required to help you. When you work with us, you will get exactly what your business needs at the lowest cost and risk.


We realize that every business is different and has its own unique needs.  But thanks to our wide range of experience in many different kinds of projects, we know how to match the best solution to your particular business.


We are not satisfied until our customers are financially benefiting from our SAP consulting services. This motivates us to do whatever it takes to find effective solutions that boost your company’s success.


Are you ready to start getting the most out of your SAP software?  Schedule a free consultation today!

Meet the Founder

My name is Soren.  I am the founder of Detering Consulting.  I began the company in 2003 because I wanted to provide more value for SAP customers.  I knew that many of them were missing out on all the great benefits that could be obtained from the software.


Before establishing Detering Consulting, I completed my education by obtaining a Master’s in Computer Science.  After that, I worked at SAP in Germany and SAP Labs in North America for 10 years. 


My extensive background in key project-planning, project management, implementation services and leadership includes experience in:


  • Automotive
  • A&D
  • High Tech
  • Medical Equipment
  • Manufacturing Industries


Me and my teams have successfully assisted many customers with their SAP ERP software, completed several full life cycle implementation projects, and carried out over 30 projects in SAP ECC and S/4 Hana. 


My experience has given me the unique ability to scope out ERP solutions in a very short amount of time. I have a knack for finding untapped money-making opportunities and discovering areas where customers could be saving money.  


I currently reside in Palo Alto, CA.  Just 10 minutes away from the SAP office, I dedicate myself to helping our clients with our SAP consulting services. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing, kickboxing, and spending time with my family and our two Taiwanese Mountain dogs.

Some of Our Valued Customers

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