Customer Service Real Life Situation

SAP Customer Service Solution Benefits

Effective service solutions are vital to companies' success in increasingly competitive environments. 

SAP CS (SAP Customer Service Module)

For many companies, Fortune 2000 and beyond, customer service solutions in SAP standard software have become fundamental in providing excellent customer service, that is integrated with:

  • Sales
  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance

Customer Service Management Consulting

Detering Consulting has provided tremendous SAP implementation leadership in the greater "customer service management process" and customer support arena for over 20 years.

SAP Customer List

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 Major business processes in supported by SAP Customer Service: 

  • Field Service
    • Customer call management
    • Customer Master Data Management
    • Maintenance of Customer Details
    • Installed base management, field technician trunk stock for spares, loaners, samples, other
    • Preventative field service visits
    • Contract management
      • Contractual services entitlements, free periodic inspections 
    • Plan technicians on jobs and locations 
    • Optimize resource allocation 
    • IT Service Management
    • Execute work on-site, capture visit report, update installed base, return material to inventory
    • Return units to depot for inspection or refurbishment
    • Loaner from trunk stock usage  

  • Depot Repair with its sub-processes
    • Customer unit repair 
    • Exchange
    • Advanced or forward exchange
    • Loaner Management
      • Loaner and other pools
      • Advance loaner to customer at the start of a repair process. And request loaner return towards end of customer repair, synchronized with logistics supply chain, shipments and warehouse management  
      • Subsequent billing
    • Asset depreciation

  • Subcontracting of service activities for both Depot and Field

  • Billing methods in Service:
    • Depot Repair Service Order Pricing
    • Field Service billing options
    • T&M
    • Fixed price
    • Tier'd billing
    • Cost Plus - Government Billing
    • $0.00 billing in case of warranty or contract coverage 

  • Service Cost Controlling
    • CO-PA - Cost, Revenue, and Profitability Analysis 

  • Service Revenue Management 

  • Warranty Management, Warranty Claims
  • Service Contract Management 
    • Contract Service Options
    • Contract Pricing 
    • Contract to Installed Base assignment 
    • Billing Plan, Billing of Actuals such as operating hours
    • Revenue Recognition
    • PLM data model for service contract offering - GoTo Market Model

  • Remote Device Management, IoT (Internet of Things), Leonardo, integrating with S/4 Hana and satellite systems

Customer Service Management Solutions

We can show you how to leverage your SAP investment to develop innovative, valuable solutions for your Service business.

SAP CS Consultant Expertise

Our deep vertical experience in customer service in SAP allows us to propose tailored a Solution Architecture in a very short amount of time and to plan and run your SAP Customer Service project jointly.