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SAP Recruitment and SAP Staffing Solutions

Find The Right SAP Consultant For The Job

Are you a CIO or Director of IT?  Finding Top End SAP ERP Talent Remains a Challenge.

We are actual Senior Level SAP Consultants with decades of Hands-On SAP Implementation Experience.  That means:

  • We Know What Questions To Ask Potential SAP ERP Consultants
  • Our Recruitment Process Was Developed Based On The Process We Developed To Staff Our SAP Projects
  • You Don't Have To Know Every Single SAP Module, We Do.
Proven SAP ERP Consulting

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Who We Are Who We Help How We Work Why Our Process Is Unique What You Get Frequently Asked Questions

Detering Consulting

Detering Consulting is a specialized SAP implementation partner and SAP consulting firm.  Founded by Soren Detering in 2003, we provide both SAP Implementation and SAP Recruitment Services for SAP Customers all over the world.  

SAP Implementation Company

We provide SAP professional services tailored to meeting the business needs of each individual client and project requirement.  Our aim is for each client to have the best customer experience.

Before establishing Detering Consulting, Soren completed his education by obtaining a Master’s in Computer Science. After that, he worked at SAP in Germany and SAP Labs in the United States for 10 years, serving SAP customers in the United States and Canada, Singapore, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Europe, including Germany. 

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Customers We Serve

We serve SAP customers from a wide range of industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • High-Technology
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Professional Services
  • Many Others

As SAP Recruiters, our differentiation factor is the fact that we also are SAP Project Delivery Specialists.  This forces us to develop and maintain a network of highly specialized, senior level SAP consultants to support our own implementation efforts.  

What this means is that we generate reference-able SAP customers of our own, which is proof positive that we have a recruitment system that works and a delivery approach that is proven.


Read the Blount International  SAP ACS Warranty Management Case Study

We Strive To Deliver The SAP Resources You Need ASAP

In an ideal world, you would always be able to find the exact SAP Consultant or Consultants you need just-in-time.  We don't live in an ideal world.  

SAP Consultants are in constant demand because SAP customers are constantly evolving and improving.  That means you are experiencing constant change. 

Our Approach

Using our deep SAP consulting expertise, we first work with you to determine exactly what type of SAP Consulting Skillset you will need.  We often find customers who don't speak SAPanese, yet use SAP in their day-to-day operation.  The challenge you have is that you may not know which type of SAP consultant you need, you just know you have a specific type of problem you are trying to solve.  For instance, do you just need a functional SAP module expert, say in SAP SD - Sales and Distribution, or do you also need an ABAP developer, or both.  

To answer these types of queries, you need to have access to SAP experts, like those at Detering Consulting, who can first assess your true needs, then diagnose your actual requirement, then prescribe the right SAP consulting skillset.  

SAP Assessment is a Powerful Value Added Service

If know you have a problem but don't quite know which of the dozens of SAP consultant types you really need, having us on your team as experts is key to resolving your issue.


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SAP Experts Who Know What To Look For

If you do a Google Search for the term SAP Recruiters, you will see that it returns 9,700,000 results.  Yet we often appear at the top of those search results.  Why should that be?

We Focus Only On Delivering Quality Business Consultants, SAP Resources And Successful Projects

We believe that if you want to achieve success with your SAP system, as measured by ROI, you need the best SAP Consulting resources available in the market.  That's why we conduct extensive pre-screening and vetting of every resource.  It comes down to trust.  SAP Implementation Companies have to be staffed by true experts.

SAP Staffing and Recruiting Services

We make sure we trust who ever we place with one of valuable SAP clients.  Of course, we also have the IT infrastructure in place to make the entire recruitment process transparent and efficient, for both clients and SAP consultants.  After all, designing and implementing highly effective IT systems is what we do.  

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We Can Deliver The Following SAP Consultants

We Can Deliver the Following SAP Core Module Consultants

  • SAP Program Managers (PM)
  • SAP Project Managers (Activate, PMP)
  • SAP Financials (FI)
  • SAP Controlling (CO)
  • SAP Investment Management (IM)
  • SAP Treasury Management (TM)
  • SAP Materials Management (MM)
  • SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • SAP Production Planning (PP)
  • SAP Project Systems (PS)
  • SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • SAP Warehouse Management (WM)
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Quality Management (QM)
  • SAP Human Resources Managements (HRM or HCM)
  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • SAP APO (Advanced Planner & Optimizer)
  • SAP TM (Transportation Management)
  • SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning)
  • SAP EH&S (Environment Health & Safety)
  • SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)
  • SAP MDG (Master Data Governance)
  • SAP BusinessObjects Administration
  • SAP BusinessObjects Webi
  • SAP Flexible Real Estate (SAP RE-FX)
  • SAP Warranty Management
  • SAP ACS Consultants
  • SAP ABAP with EDI Expertise
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence)
  • SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution)
  • SAP Workflow
  • SAP Portals
  • SAP Integration Experts
  • SAP Cloud Architects
  • SAP Hybris
  • SAP Value Engineers
  • SAP Business Transformation Consulting Experts

In addition to SAP Core Module Consulting experts, we also work with a select group of SAP Industry Solution Experts.  Many SAP customers have one or more SAP Industry Solutions installed within their SAP landscape and we can support the following:


  • SAP DFPS (Defense Forces & Public Security)
  • SAP IS-Retail
  • SAP Aerospace & Defense
  • SAP Professional Services
  • SAP Postal
  • SAP Logistics
  • SAP Engineering, Construction & Operations
  • SAP Automotive (OEM)
  • SAP Rail


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  • What's Your Average Turn-Around Time?

  • We strive to have our first follow-up with you with a viable candidate(s) within 24 hours.  For on-going resource engagements, we usually establish SLAs.

  • Can You Supply Us With More Than One SAP Consultant?

  • Yes, we can supply from one consultant up to entire teams to support Global Implementations and Rollouts

  • Can You Help Me Assess My SAP Consulting Needs?

  • Yes, as one of the best SAP human resources consulting providers, that's our core strength.  We are SAP Consultants and can therefore evaluate your SAP Consulting needs from an expert's point of view.

  • Do You Offer Custom Development Services?

  • Yes, we can deliver such services on-site or remotely.

  • I don't see the SAP Consulting Skillset listed here.  Does that mean you can't deliver that SAP Consulting Skillset.

  • Not at all, we have a highly developed SAP Resource Management system that allows us to find the right skillset for you.  But there are hundreds of subspecialties within the ones we listed, and to keep this list manageable, we listed only the top-level ones for clarity.  Within the SAP Consulting space, it is very true that success often depends upon who you know.  We know a lot of people.

  • Do You Also Do SAP Project Delivery?

  • We can both take on project delivery responsibility and deliver spot consulting.  It really comes down to whichever delivery model you need.  Our engagement model is flexible but based on what's best for our customer.

  • How Do I Find SAP Consultants?

  • You start by enlisting the help of one the best SAP consultancies. As your implementation partner in US staffing requirements, we will help you get the best SAP Consultants.  As your SAP consultant service provider, we can help you source the best SAP Consultants in the market. 
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