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How to Create an Effective Warranty Fraud Detection Process

By some measures, up to 10% of warranty costs are fraudulent. Although this seems high, this estimate includes fraud by customers, authorized service providers (ASPs), and dealers. A warranty fraud scheme might have been difficult to detect in the past. Individual auditors would have examined service and parts records and compared them against filed warranty claims. [...]

How To Fix Your Serial Numbers Issues

Why Serial Numbers?   [...]

SAP Interactive Warranty Treasure Map [Interactive Tool]


How to Design Your Product Hierarchy in SAP [Consultation]

Do You Know The SAP Product Hierarchy Purpose Were you aware of just how critical it is to design your Product Hierarchy for maximum performance? Do you know if your approach to product hierarchy design will support all of your business requirements? Many companies fail to take into consideration all of the elements of a robust product hierarchy design early enough in their implementation process. [...]

Do You Know What Browsers SAP Fiori Supports? [eBook]

Browsers supported by SAP Fiori:  On various projects people have been asking us what type of browsers support Fiori. We researched the question using SAP's product availability matrix and Service.sap.com.  [...]
By Soren Detering | May 30th, 2018 | SAP Fiori | 0 Comments

SAP Dealer Portal: Fiori/UI5 is now available! [Demo]

What is a Dealer Portal?  In broad terms, a Dealer Portal helps your service partners,- the ASCs - Authorized Service Centers, Dealers, Re-sellers, interact online with your Service and Warranty department. In real time. [...]

13 Lessons I Learned @ The SAP ACS Infoday in Hamburg, Germany

I recently attended the SAP ACS Infoday in SAP’s Hamburg offices. Which, by the way, are stunning. They are located adjacent to a lovely park located close to the city's center. The beautiful setting made it difficult to concentrate on the business at-hand, which was to learn about SAP's latest ACS and SCM offerings. [...]

How to justify SAP Warranty Mangement [Interactive Calculator]

Interactive SAP Warranty Management Project Calculator   [...]

Top 11 Things You Did Not Know You Can Do with SAP Fiori

And 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do [...]
By Soren Detering | March 26th, 2018 | SAP Fiori | 0 Comments

Top 11 Things You Did Not Know About SAP RMA Returns [eBook]

What you ought to know about SAP RMA Returns using Detering's Receiving Workbench (RWB) [...]