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Do You Have Serial Number Specific Labor Rates?

Serial Number Specific Labor Rates



Claim pricing is at the heart and core of claim processing. Imagining a equipment claim for a moment  

This blog is discussing labor rates, aka flat rates only. Part pricing and sublets such as fees, freight, etc. will be discussed in a separate blog. 


  • Listen to and understand labor rate pricing requirements from the business,  capturing pricing approaches for labor rates. And exceptions, i.e. under which circumstances rates are manually keyed-in. corroborate understanding of requirements through feedback sessions.  
  • To review the 10 steps to set up any custom field in SAP SD pricing,- fill in this form with your work email and the form will be emailed to you.

    Create Append Structure for 
  • Model
  • Serial 
  • Labor Code

The following communication structures are relevant in pricing:

- KOMK (pricing communication header)

- KOMP (pricing communication item)

- KOMG (allowed fields for condition structures)

For technical reasons, communication structure KOMG is used. It
combines the fields from KOMK and KOMP that are relevant for
pricing in the standard system and are offered in the field
catalog of condition tables. If you want to use a new field in
the field catalog, you must add the field to KOMP or KOMK in the
following INCLUDES:





Need to enhance the sales documents/contracts with additional fields for tiered pricing

  1. For the pricing of repair orders, we need to have pricing defined at a material & service level. So for each type of service, the price can be different by material. In order to track both the service and serviceable material, we will use the product hierarchy of the serviceable material and assign it to the service material and also assign the material to the Pricing Reference Material for even more granular pricing. Both of these values must be assigned to the Main Item.
  2. We need the tier price assigned to the sales order at a line item level. This field needs to match the field in the service order.
    1. In addition, the field needs to populate into the pricing tables so that pricing can use Tier price as a field to search against.
  3. In order to simplify pricing, we will create pricing records at different levels of the hierarchy. In order to use this for pricing, we will need an individual field for each of the 7 levels of the product hierarchy. Then these fields need to be passed to pricing tables to execute searching. This means that regardless of how many levels are listed on the material of the product hierarchy, we can easily create pricing records at any level.


Other Pricing Aspects

You might need to add pricing 

Add Pricing Tier field ZZPTIER to KOMKAZ. 


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