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SAP Warranty Claims Management Solution - Full Table List

SAP LO-WTY --  Warranty Claim Processing TABLE Names 

Table Description
A383   Category/Partner/Material 
A384   Category/Material 
A388   Country/Tax Class.-Customer 
A389   Country/Partner/Tax Class.-Customer 
B360   Country/Partner/Tax Class.-Customer 
B361   Rel.Vers./Partner Type 
B363   Rel.Vers./Partner Type 
B364   Rel.Vers./Partner Type 
BAPI2222HEADER   Warranty Claim Header Data 
BAPI2222HEADERCHANGE   Changeable Warranty Claim Header Data 
BAPI2222ITEM   Warranty Claim Item 
BAPI2222ITEMCHANGE   Changeable Fields Warranty Claim Item 
BAPI2222ITEMRELATION   Warranty Claim: Relationship Between Items 
BAPI2222LONGTEXT   Warranty Claim Long Texts Header/Version/Item 
BAPI2222MEASURE   Warranty: Measurement Data for Object and Claim 
BAPI2222PARTNER   Partner for Warranty Claim 
BAPI2222PRICING   Prices Belonging to Warranty Claim 
BAPI2222UPDATE   Warranty Claim Change Information Header/Version/Item 
BAPI2222VERSION   Warranty Claim Version 
BAPI2222VERSIONCHANGE  Changeable Warranty Claim Version 
  Warranty Claim: Relationship Between Versions 


LO-WTY Customizing Tables

Table Description
CGIPROFIL_WTY   Profile Definitions Warranty Claim 
CGIPRTYPE_WTY   Object Customizing for iPPE - Relationships 
CWTY000   General Settings for Warranty Processing 
CWTY001   Claim Types Warranty Claim 
CWTY001T   Description Warranty Claim Type 
CWTY002   Version Copy Control Warranty Claim 
CWTY003   Decision Codes Warranty Claim 
CWTY003M   Assignment Table Reimbursing Party - Claimant Decision 
CWTY003T   Decision Codes Warranty Claim: Texts 
CWTY004   Status for Parts that Have to Be Returned 
CWTY004T   Texts for Parts Statuses 
CWTY005   Reference type 
CWTY005T   Reference Type Text 
CWTY006   Warranty Claim Groups 
CWTY006T   Texts for Warranty Claim Groups 
CWTY008   Characteristics for Warranty 
CWTY009   Reference Objects 
CWTY010   SubObjectType for Recall Campaigns 
CWTY010T   Subobject Types for Recall Campaigns - Texts 
CWTY011   Item Types 
CWTY011T   Descriptions Item Type 
CWTY012   Item Types Group 
CWTY012T   Description Item Types Group 
CWTY012Z   Assignment Item Type - Item Types Group 
CWTY014   Condition Types for Auxiliary Account Assignment 
CWTY020   Control Parameters for Master Warranty Check 
CWTY07MS1   Definition of Message Grouping 
CWTY07MS1T   Text for Message Groups 
CWTY07MS2   Determination of Popup Messages 
CWTYA01   Definition of the Actions of the Warranty Claim 
CWTYA01T   Description of the Actions of the Warranty Claim 
CWTYA02   Definition of Action Calls 
CWTYA03   Definition of Action Control 
CWTYA03T   Description of Action Profiles 
CWTYA04   Action Matrix 
CWTYA05   Definition of Processing Status of Warranty Claim 
CWTYA05T   Description of Processing Status of Warranty Claim 
CWTYA06   Manual Assignment of Function Code to Action Code 
CWTYA08   Warranty: Button Profile 
CWTYA08T   Warranty: Button Profile Text Table 
CWTYA09   Link Table Button Profile - Action Profile 
CWTYA11   Warranty Claim: Keyboard Combinations 
CWTYA12   Link Internal Functions with Profile 
CWTYA12T   Texts for Pushbutton Profile Functions 
CWTYC01   Version Copy Control Warranty Claim 
CWTYC02   Copy Profile for Warranty Claim 
CWTYC02T   Description of Copy Profile for Warranty Claim 
CWTYC03   Copy Profile for Warranty Claim 
CWTYR06   Connection Message - Decision - Processing Mode 
CWTYVS   Activation Table for Validation/Substitution 


LO-WTY Dealer Portal Tables

Table Description
DPCOMMONC_BUPAUI   DP Common: Determine BUPA User Interface 
DPCOMMON_ATTACHEDDOC   Structure for the attached docs 
DPCOMMON_ATTACHEDDOC_BUFFER   Structure for the attached doc buffer 
DPCOMMON_MAP_P_S   Partner to System Mapping 
DPCOMMON_MAP_S_R   Logical system to RFC dest mapping 
DPCOMMON_MAP_U_P   User to Partner Mapping 
DPCOMMON_PERS_DPORTAL   Common Dealer Portal: Personalization Data (SPP, WTY) 
DPWTYC_ACTION   Dealer Portal Action 
DPWTYC_ACTION_TX   Description Dealer Portal Action 
DPWTYC_CLAIM_LAY   Layout Configuration Claim Type 
DPWTYC_CLMTY   Dealer Portal Claim Types 
DPWTYC_CLMTY_TX   Dealer Portal Claim Types 
DPWTYC_MESSAGE_M   Message assignment 
DPWTYC_NAVTAB   Dealer Portal Screen Navigation 
DPWTYC_PRINT_FOR   Print Forms for Dealer Portal Warranty Printings 
DPWTYC_REJCD   Dealer Portal Decision Code 
DPWTYC_REJCD_MAP   Decision Code assignment 
DPWTYC_REJCD_TX   Dealer Portal Decision Code 
DPWTYC_RETPA   Status Return parts for Dealer 
DPWTYC_RETPA_TX   Status Return Parts for Dealer Description 
DPWTYC_SIMULATE   Dealer Portal Simulation/Contract to backend action 
DPWTYC_STATUS   Dealer Portal Claim Status 
DPWTYC_STATUS_MA   Status assignment 
DPWTYC_STATUS_TX   Dealer Portal Claim Status 
DPWTY_BUPA_SEARCH_RESULT   Structure BUPA search result 
DPWTY_CLAIM_LIST   Structure for Claim result list 
DPWTY_CLAIM_MAPPING   Fields with customizing mappings 
DPWTY_CWTY001   Structure claim types backend 
DPWTY_CWTY003   Structure claim decision code backend 
DPWTY_CWTY004   Structure Return Part Status backend 
DPWTY_CWTY012Z   structure item categories 
DPWTY_CWTYA01   Structure claim action backend 
DPWTY_CWTYA05   Structure claim status backend 
DPWTY_FINANCIAL_STATEMENT   Dealer Portal Warranty Financial Statement Fields 
DPWTY_HEADERDATA_CLAIM   Structure for Claim Header data FE 
DPWTY_HEADERDATA_CLAIM_G   Structure for Claim header data FE with guid 
DPWTY_HEADERDATA_CUST   Structure for Claim version data Customer fields 
DPWTY_HEADERDATA_RECALL   Structure for Recall header and version combination FE 
DPWTY_HEADERDATA_RECALL_G   Structure for Recall header and version combination FE &GUID 
DPWTY_ITEMDATA_CLAIM   Structure for Claim item data FE 
DPWTY_ITEMDATA_CLAIM_G   Structure for Claim item data FE with GUID 
DPWTY_ITEMDATA_CUST   Structure for Claim item data Customer fields 
DPWTY_MEASUREMENT_CLAIM   Warranty Claim measurement FE 
DPWTY_MEASUREMENT_CLAIM_G   Warranty Claim measurement FE with GUID 
DPWTY_MEASUREMENT_CUST   Structure for Claim measurement data Customer fields 
DPWTY_NAV_DATA   WTY DP: Navigation Data 
DPWTY_OBJECTDATA_CLAIM   Structure for Object data in Claim 
DPWTY_OBJECTDATA_CLAIM_G   Structure for Object data in Claim with claim guid 
DPWTY_PERSONALIZE   Personalization Structure 
DPWTY_RECALL_LIST   Structure for Recall result list 
DPWTY_RECALL_OBJECT   Objects for Recall Campaign - List 
DPWTY_RECALL_OBJECT_CUST   Structure for recall object data Customer fields 
DPWTY_RETURN_PART_LIST   Claim Items with return parts 
DPWTY_S_BAPI_ITOB   Technical object data 
DPWTY_S_CATALOG   Catalog transfer Structure 
DPWTY_S_CATALOG_UI   Catalog Structure FE 
DPWTY_S_CC   Customer company code 
DPWTY_S_CLAIM_GROUP   Dealer portal claim groups structure F4 
DPWTY_S_CONTRACT   Contract data information 
DPWTY_S_CONTRACT_LIST   Contract data information 
DPWTY_S_FPM_BUTTON   DPWTY Structure for FPM Buttons 
DPWTY_S_IBASE   Stucture for Ibase data 
DPWTY_S_MEASUREMENT   Warranty Claim measurement RFC 
DPWTY_S_MGANR   Master warranty Structure RFC 
DPWTY_S_MGANR_F4   Structure for F4 help MGANR 
DPWTY_S_MGANR_POS   Master warranty item Structure RFC 
DPWTY_S_MSG   Message Structure RFC 
DPWTY_S_OBJECT   Structure additional object data 
DPWTY_S_OBJECTDATA_CLAIM_RFC   Structure for Object data in Claim RFC 
DPWTY_S_PARNR   Partner 
DPWTY_S_PARTNER   Partner Table Warranty Claim Dealer Portal 
DPWTY_S_POSKT   Structure for POSKT F4 
DPWTY_S_RCLOBJ   Objects for Recall Campaign - List 
DPWTY_S_T006A   Units 
DPWTY_S_TEXTS   Texts for Dealer Portal Warranty Processing FE 
DPWTY_S_TVAK   SD Order Types 
DPWTY_S_VELO   Structure for vehcile data 
DPWTY_S_WARRANTY   Master Warranty for Dealer Portal Warranty Processing FE 
DPWTY_S_WARRANTY_POSITION   Master Warranty Item for Dealer Portal Warranty FE 
DPWTY_TREX_STRUCTURE   Claim trex attribute 
DPWTY_VERSIONDATA_CLAIM   Structure for Claim version data 
DPWTY_VERSIONDATA_CLAIM_G   Structure for Claim version data with guid 
DPWTY_VERSIONDATA_CUST   Structure for Claim version data Customer fields 
DPWTY_WTY_RELOB_TAB   Structure Relob type text 


LO-WTY Application Tables 

Table Description
USRGIPROFIL_WTY   Assign User Profile 
VLC_KEYS   Vehicle Key 
VPVWTY   Vehicle Key 
VWTY_RCLOBJ   Vehicle Key 
WNTY_MSG_S   Warranty: Error Message Table - Row Structure 
WTYBRF_ACC_DOC   BRF Data Source: Accounting Document 
WTYBRF_CLM_HDR   BRF Data Source: Claim Header 
WTYBRF_CLM_ITM   BRF Data Source: Claim Item 
WTYBRF_CLM_VER   BRF Data Source : Claim Version 
WTYBRF_CON_CON   BRF Data Source: Contract Details 
WTYBRF_CON_HDR   BRF Data Source: Contract Header 
WTYBRF_CON_ITM   BRF Data Source: Contract Item 
WTYBRF_CUST_GEN   BRF Data Source: General Data for Customer 
WTYBRF_EQUI_SP   BRF Data Source: Equipment Specific Data 
WTYBRF_FUNC_SP   BRF Data Source: Functional Location Specific Data 
WTYBRF_IBAS_HDR   BRF Data Source: IBase Header 
WTYBRF_IBAS_ITM   BRF Data Source: Ibase Components 
WTYBRF_MAT_GEN   BRF Data Source: General Data for Material 
WTYBRF_MDOC   BRF Data Source: Measurment Document 
WTYBRF_MPOINT   BRF Data Source: Measurement Point 
WTYBRF_MWTY_CTR   BRF Data Source: Master Warranty Counter 
WTYBRF_MWTY_HDR   BRF Data Source: Master Warranty Header 
WTYBRF_MWTY_ITM   BRF Data Source: Master Warranty Item 
WTYBRF_PMCS_NOT_ACT   BRF Data Source: PM/CS Notification Activity 
WTYBRF_PMCS_NOT_CAUS   BRF Data Source : PM/CS Notification Cause 
WTYBRF_PMCS_NOT_HDR   BRF Data Source: PM/CS Notiification Header 
WTYBRF_PMCS_NOT_ITM   BRF Data Source: PM/CS Notification Item 
WTYBRF_PMCS_NOT_PAR   BRF Data Source: PM/CS Notification Partner 
WTYBRF_PMCS_NOT_TSK   BRF Data Source: PM/CS Notification Task 
WTYBRF_QNOT_ACT   BRF Data Source: Quality Notification Activities 
WTYBRF_QNOT_CAUS   BRF Data Source: Quality Notification Cause 
WTYBRF_QNOT_HDR   BRF Data Source :Notification Header 
WTYBRF_QNOT_ITM   BRF Data Source : Notification Item 
WTYBRF_QNOT_PAR   BRF Data Source: Quality Notification Partner 
WTYBRF_QNOT_TSK   BRF Data Source : Quality Notification Task 
WTYBRF_RCL_HDR   BRF Data Source: Recall Header 
WTYBRF_RCL_ITM   BRF Data Source: Recall Item 
WTYBRF_RCL_OBJ   BRF Data Source: Recall Object 
WTYBRF_RCL_VER   BRF Data Source: Recall Version 
WTYBRF_TOBJ_GEN   BRF Data Source: General Data for Technical Object 
WTYBRF_VEND_GEN   BRF Data Source: General Data for Vendor 
WTYBWC   Times of Last BW Extraction 
WTYBWH   Processed Objects 
WTYBW_HEADER   BW: Warranty Header 
WTYBW_ITEM   BW: Warranty Item 
WTYBW_MEAS_DOC   BW: Measurement Documents 
WTYBW_MP_T   Measuring Points: Texts 
WTYBW_MWTY   BW: Master Warranty and Measurement Documents 
WTYBW_RCL   BW: Recall 
WTYBW_VERSION   BW: Warranty Version 
WTYD_AWKEY   Structure of Field AWKEY for Object Type WTYD 
WTYGI_FCAT   Warranty Claim: Field Catalog for Navigation Tree 
WTYGI_MAP   Dialog Structure Navigation Tree iPPE Workbench WTY 
WTYMPG   Claims that Have Been Successfully Saved 
WTYMP_BADI_PARAMETERS   Customer-Exit Parameter 
WTYMP_CHECK_LOG_DEF   Structure for Operation "Check Log" 
WTYMP_JOB_PARAMETERS   Global Job Parameters 
WTYMP_WIZARD_DYN   Screen Fields for MP Job Wizard 
WTYPRKOM   Communication Structure for External Conditions in Pricing 
WTYVPNWTYH   Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 
WTYVPNWTYV   Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 
WTYVPVWTY   Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 
WTYVWTY_KONVC   Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 
WTYVWTY_PARTNER_TAB   Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 
WTYVWTY_RCLOBJ   Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 
WTYV_IMRG   Measurement Documents for Version of Warranty Claim 
WTYV_IMRG_DIA   Dynamic Structure for Version Measurement Documents 
WTYV_IMRG_DYN   Dynamic Structure for Version Measurement Documents 
WTY_ADMIN   Administration Data Warranty Table 
WTY_ADMIN_DATA   Administration Data WTY Tables 
WTY_ARCH_IDX   Index Table for Archiving Warranty Claims 
WTY_ARCH_IDX_2   Index Table for Archiving Warranty Claims 
WTY_ARCH_IDX_S   Index Table for Archiving Warranty Claims 
WTY_AUT_STRU   Authorization Structure 
WTY_BAPIVEHICLE   Structure for the Append of BAPIVEHICLE in KA5 
WTY_BAPI_EQHR   BAPI Structure for Hierarchy Data of a Piece of Equipment 
WTY_BAPI_EQKT   BAPI Structure for EQKT Data of Equipment to be Created 
WTY_BAPI_EQSD   BAPI Structure for Sales/Customer Data for Equipment 
WTY_BAPI_EQUI   BAPI Structure for EQUI Data of Equipment to be Created 
WTY_BAPI_EQUZ   BAPI Structure for EQUZ Data of Equipment to be Created 
WTY_BAPI_ILOA   BAPI Structure for ILOA Data of Equipment to be Created 
WTY_BGMK   Master Warranty Structure for Warranty Processing 
WTY_BGMT   Master Warranty Text Structure for Warranty Processing 
WTY_BOOLCLASS   Structure with Boolean Data for Warranty Claim 
WTY_CDRED   Output Structure Change Documents 
WTY_CHECK_ADD_INFO   Additional Information for Result Check 
WTY_CHECK_COUNTER   Structure of Check Data on Counter Level 
WTY_CHECK_OBJECT   Structure of Check Data on Object Level 
WTY_CHECK_POSITION   Structure of Check Data on Item Level 
WTY_CLAIMMESSAGE   The most Severe Message of Message Handler for the Claim 
WTY_COND_ACCOUNT   Auxiliary Account Assignment of Conditions 
WTY_COND_OBJID   Assignment Condition to Auxiliary Account Assignments 
WTY_COND_OBJID_UI   Assignment Condition to Auxiliary Acc. Assignment UI 
WTY_COND_VERSION   ALV Condition Claim Version 
WTY_COPA   Warranty Processing: Characteristics for CO-PA 
WTY_CRNCY_DYNPRO   Currency Fields for Screens 
WTY_CWTY008   Structure for Reference Objects 
WTY_CWTY009   Reference Objects 
WTY_DEFCT_RANGE   Defectcode 
WTY_F4VALUES_ACODE   F4 Action Codes for WTY 
WTY_F4VALUES_CLMTY   F4 Help for Warranty Claim Type 
WTY_F4VALUES_IMPT   F4 Help for Measuring Points 
WTY_F4VALUES_KATKZ   F4 Help for Catalogs in Warranty Claim 
WTY_F4VALUES_MEINH   F4 Help for Units of Measure (T006A) 
WTY_F4VALUES_MGANR   F4 Help for Master Warranties in Warranty Claim 
WTY_F4_CNTTY   F4 Help Conribution Type 
WTY_F4_DEFCT   F4 Help Defect Code 
WTY_F4_ITMNO   F4 Help Item Key 
WTY_F4_MEINH   F4 Help Units of Measure 
WTY_F4_POSKT   F4 Help Item Type 
WTY_F4_REJCD   F4 Help Decision Code 
WTY_FIELD_ATTR1   Setting Fields for ALV Warranty Check 
WTY_FIELD_ATTR1_D   Attributes Fields for ALV Grid 
WTY_FIELD_ATTR1_S   Structure of Field Attributes for ALV Grid 
WTY_FI_ACAP09   Creditor Line FI Document BADI Change 
WTY_FI_ACAR09   Debitor Line FI Document BADI Change 
WTY_FI_ACGL09   G/L Account Line FI Document BADI Change 
WTY_FI_ACHE09   Header Line FI Document BADI Change 
WTY_GUID_GUID   Assignment of Warranty Claim Elements 
WTY_GUID_MSGLOG   Assignment of Warranty Claim Elements for Memory ID Mess. 
WTY_GUID_RCODE   Return Codes for GUID 
WTY_HEADER_DSH   Warranty Claim Header 
WTY_HEADER_KSCHL   Conditions of Warranty Claim Version 
WTY_HEADER_PRICING   Warranty Processing: Claim - Price (Header) 
WTY_IB40   IB: Detailed Data for Warranty 
WTY_IB41   IB: Detailed Data for Measurement Values 
WTY_IB42   IB: Detailed Data for Flat Rates 
WTY_IDOC_TEXTS   Transfer Structure for IDoc 
WTY_IMPT   Measuring Point (Structure) 
WTY_ITEMDLG_COORDINATES   Item Dialog Coordinates 
WTY_ITEM_DSH   Warranty Claim Item 
WTY_ITEM_KSCHL   Conditions for Warranty Claim Item 
WTY_ITEM_PRICING   Warranty Processing: Claim - Price (Item) 
WTY_J_3GKATAL   Warranty Processing Structure of ETM Catalog 
WTY_J_3GKATSTR   Catalog Structure for Warranty Claim Processing 
WTY_J_3GT370S   Warranty Processing Structure ETM Catalogs 
WTY_J_3GT370ST   Warranty Processing Structure of ETM Catalog 
WTY_KNA1_V   Customer (V) 
WTY_KOMB_ZUSATZ   Additional Fields for Message Determination 
WTY_KOMK1   Pricing Warranty - Header 
WTY_KOMKBRW   Output Determination for Communication Area Version Warranty 
WTY_KOMKCRW   Account Determination Communication Header 
WTY_KOMKI   Pricing Warranty - Header 
WTY_KOMP1   Pricing Warranty - Item 
WTY_KOMPCRW   Account Determination Communication Item 
WTY_KOMPI   Pricing Warranty - Item 
WTY_KOMV   Pricing all Categories 
WTY_KONVC   Structure for Document Changes for Conditions 
WTY_LFA1_I   Vendor (I) 
WTY_LFA1_V   Supplier (V) 
WTY_MATNR_STR   Structure Material Number List 
WTY_MATNR_TAB   Structure Material Number List 
WTY_MEASURE_POINT   Warranty: Measuring Points - Claim 
WTY_MEASURE_S   Warranty: Structure for Measurement Data 
WTY_MGVBAPIFNAMES   Structure for Warranty Processing for Append MGVBAPIFNAMES 
WTY_MWARRANTY   Warranty Processing Master Warranty Assignment 
WTY_NAVTREE_DATA   Navigation Tree Inner Structure 
WTY_OBJECTDATA   Object Structure Warranty 
WTY_OBJNR_INDEX   Object Number Index for Warranty Objects 
WTY_OBJNR_OBJNR   Object Number Links for Warranty Check 
WTY_OB_T   General Object Number and Object Keys for Warranty Claim 
WTY_PARNRKEY   Partner Key 
WTY_PARTNER   Partner Table Warranty Claim 
WTY_PARTNER_BUFFER   Partner Data for Warranty Claim 
WTY_PARTNER_IDOC   Partner Table Warranty Claim 
WTY_PARTNER_TAB   Partner for Warranty Claim 
WTY_PNH_3400   Structure for Screen 
WTY_PNH_DYNPRO   Warranty Claim: Screen Elements for Claim Header 
WTY_PNODD   Time-Dependent Data Fields: PVS Component Node 
WTY_PNV_DYNPRO   Warranty Claim: Screen Elements for Claim Version 
WTY_PNWTYH_ARCH   Archiving Structure Warranty Claim Header 
WTY_PNWTYH_CUST   Fields Defined by Customer in Warranty Claim Header 
WTY_PNWTYH_DIA   Dialog Structure Warranty Claim Header 
WTY_PNWTYH_DIA_EXT   Dialog Structure Warranty Claim Header for RFC (Unicode) 
WTY_PNWTYH_DIA_WEB   Dialog Structure Warranty Claim Header for RFC (Unicode) 
WTY_PNWTYH_DYN   Dynamic Fields Warranty Claim Header 
WTY_PNWTYH_DYN_EXT   Dynamic Fields Warranty Claim Header RFC (Unicode) 
WTY_PNWTYH_DYN_G   Dynamic Fields Warranty Claim Header with Guid 
WTY_PNWTYH_EXT   Dynamic Fields Warranty Claim Header (No Screen Fields) 
WTY_PNWTYH_IDOC   Transfer Structure for IDoc Header 
WTY_PNWTYV_ARCH   Archiving Structure Warranty Claim Version 
WTY_PNWTYV_CUST   Fields Defined by Customer for Warranty Claim Version 
WTY_PNWTYV_DIA   Dialog Structure Warranty Claim Version 
WTY_PNWTYV_DIA_WEB   Dialog Structure Warranty Claim Version for RFC (Unicode) 
WTY_PNWTYV_DYN   Dynamic Fields Warranty Claim Version 
WTY_PNWTYV_DYN_G   Dynamic Fields Warranty Claim Version with GUID 
WTY_PNWTYV_EXT   Dynamic Fields Warranty Version (No Screen Fields) 
WTY_PNWTYV_IDOC   Transfer Structure Version IDoc 
WTY_PR_V_KOMV   KOMV per Version 
WTY_PVWTY_ARCH   Archiving Structure Warranty Claim Item 
WTY_PVWTY_CUST   Fields Defined by Customers for Warranty Claim Item 
WTY_PVWTY_DIA   Dialog Structure Warranty Claim Item 
WTY_PVWTY_DIA_WEB   Dialog Structure Warranty Claim Item 
WTY_PVWTY_DYN   Dynamic Fields Warranty Claim Item 
WTY_PVWTY_DYN_G   Dynamic Fields Warranty Claim Item with GUID 
WTY_PVWTY_EXT   Dynamic Fields Warranty Items (No Screen Fields) 
WTY_PVWTY_IDOC   Transfer Structure Item 
WTY_PV_DYNPRO   Warranty Claim: Screen Elements for Claim Item 
WTY_RCL   Recall view structure - warranty webinterface - DI-WI 3.0 
WTY_RCLHST   Recall Actions 
WTY_RCLHST_OBJ   Recall history of specified object 
WTY_RCLNO_RANGE   Internal Recall Number 
WTY_RCLOBJ   Objects for Recalls 
WTY_RCLOBJ_RANGE   Range of Recall Objects 
WTY_RCLOBJ_WEB   Recall Objects interface structure 
WTY_RCL_OBJ_STRU   Objects for Recall Campaign - List 
WTY_RCL_OBJ_STRU2   Objects for Recall Campaign - List output 
WTY_RCL_REFNO_RANGE   External recall number 
WTY_RCL_STRU   Recall Campaign Structure 
WTY_RCL_VALID_RANGE   Recall validity range 
WTY_RCODE   Return Values of Functions for Actions 
WTY_REFVN_TAB   Reference Versions 
WTY_REJCD_HEADER   Assignemnt Decision Codes to Header - GUID 
WTY_REJCD_RANGE   Range for Rejection Codes in Interface 
WTY_RELOB_EXT_RANGE   Warranty: External Reference Object Number 
WTY_RELOB_TAB   Possible Object Types for the Warranty Claim 
WTY_RELOB_TAB_TX   Descriptions Object Types Warranty Claim 
WTY_RESULT_COUNTER   Results of Warranty Check Counter 
WTY_RESULT_KEY   Key for Check Table 
WTY_RESULT_OBJECT   Results of Warranty Check per Object 
WTY_RESULT_OBJECT_IN_OUT   Results of Warranty Check per Object (Cumulative) 
WTY_RESULT_POSITION   Results of Warranty Check Item 
WTY_RIFLTCOUN   Consumption Recording: Counters (Distance/Time) 
WTY_RSDS_FRANGE   Structure for field range selection options 
WTY_RSDS_RANGE   Structure for table name with selection field range table. 
WTY_RULE_AUTO_H   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Authorization Header 
WTY_RULE_AUTO_I   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Authorization Item 
WTY_RULE_H   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Claim Header 
WTY_RULE_I   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Claim Item 
WTY_RULE_I_IC   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Claim Item IC 
WTY_RULE_I_IV   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Claim Item IV 
WTY_RULE_I_OC   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Claim Item OC 
WTY_RULE_I_OV   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Claim Item OV 
WTY_RULE_V_IC   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Claim Version IC 
WTY_RULE_V_IV   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Claim Version IC 
WTY_RULE_V_OC   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Version OC 
WTY_RULE_V_OV   Interface for Rule Engine for Warranty Version OC 
WTY_SAPCEM_KATTEXT   Warranty Processing Structure /SAPCEM/KATTEXT of ETM Catalog 
WTY_SEL_ASTATE   Warranty: Selection Structure Claim Status 
WTY_SEL_CREADAT   Creation Date 
WTY_STATUS_H   Warranty Claim Status Indicators Header 
WTY_STATUS_I   Warranty Status Indicators Item 
WTY_STATUS_V   Warranty Status Indicators Version 
WTY_TABLE_ALV   Allowed Table WTY for Generic Field Attributes 
WTY_TABNAME   Structure Table Descriptions 
WTY_TEXTS   Texts for Warranty Processing 
WTY_TEXT_DIA   Dialog Structure Texts 
WTY_TREE_VERSION   Version for Tree 
WTY_USRGISETTINGS   User Settings iPPE Workbench WTY 
WTY_VELO_LDB   VMS Structure for LDB 
WTY_VERSION_DSH   Warranty Claim Version 
WTY_VERSION_SELECT   Structure for Dialog Box Selection of Version 
WTY_VERS_RIFLTCOUN   Consumption Recording: Counters (Distance/Time) 
WTY_WARRANTY_ALV   Master Warranties for Warranty Processing 
WTY_WORKAREA   Work Area for wtyoq 
BGMK   Master Warranty Header 
BGMKOBJ   Master Warranty - Object Assignment 
BGMK   Master Warranty Header 
BGMP   Master Warranty Item 
BGMS   Master Warranty Text Item 
BGMT   Master Warranty Text 
BGMZ   Warranty Counter 
T790   Warranty Transaction - Initial Values 
T790_C   Warranty Default Values - Initial Transac 
T790G   Warranty Type 
T790G_T   Warranty Type Text 
T790T   Warranty Category Functions 
T790T_C    Warranty Category Default Values 
T791Z   Permitted Warranty Counters - General 


Mind you, these are the SAP Standard LO-WTY and Dealer Portal tables, it does not include the ACS Warranty specific tables.  

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