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How to Fix Your Problems With Serial Numbers

Why Serial Numbers? Serial numbers are a source of great efficiency improvements for folks in all industries that require serialization. Here are some issues and  common requirements across industries. [...]

How to justify SAP Warranty Management [Interactive Calculator]

Interactive SAP Warranty Management Project Calculator Are you not yet using SAP Warranty Management? Are you a warranty manager in the Automotive, Industrial Equipment or Aviation industry? [...]

11 Secret Ways You Can Use Warranties in Your Unique Value Proposition

In a recent New York Times article on [...]

How to justify SAP Warranty Mangement [Interactive Calculator]

Interactive SAP Warranty Treasure Map   Are you not  [...]

Successful SAP Warranty Claims Production Go Live 2017 @ Blount International

Detering Consulting recently implemented the SAP ACS Warranty and Dealer Portal solution at Blount,  [...]

Beloved Error WTY184 Error on creating claim header

Some error messages require focused debugging to anlyze cause and [...]
By Soren Detering | October 4th, 2016 | Blog | 0 Comments

SAP Warranty Dealer Portal Time Stamp Error

I feel compelled to write about SAP's Dealer Portal.  As [...]

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new site,- reborn on Aug.27th, 2015 - have [...]