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SAP iMRO for Airlines and Complex Equipment Manufacturers

Our SAP iMRO consulting practice can support your Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul requirements. 

  • Provides Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • SAP MRO process experts
  • Integrates ALL of the Various Parts of Your Business
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility
  • Reduced Inventory Costs
  • Intelligent Repair-to-Scrap Recommendations
  • Overall Lower Support Costs
  • Provides Vertical and Horizontal Business Process Integration
  • Provides Airline Technical Maintenance Operations with the ability to engage today's consumer with the integrated MRO experience they expect
A Proven SAP iMRO Service Provider

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Our SAP iMRO Service Practice Covers All of the SAP iMRO Solution Footprint

SAP iMRO and the wider SAP Industry Solution for A&D, Aerospace & Defense, provides end-to-end solution coverage for all major MRO requirements:

  • SAP Core ERP Modules
  • Warranty Management
  • 3rd Party Sub-Contractor Management
  • Rotable Spares Management
  • Stock Pooling
  • SPEC2000

And numerous other critical MRO functions

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SAP iMRO Solution Guide

iMRO Overview Induction Workbench Inspection Workbench Electronic Work Instructions - Work Execution Sourcing and Shortage Management Modification Workbench Flight Schedule, Logbook Extensions and Fleet Management Portal SAP A&D Solution Architecture

iMRO Overview


SAP iMRO is a Solution Built on Component / Engine MRO and Aircraft AME but Extendable to:

  1. Trains
  2. Bridges / Tunnels
  3. Submarines
  4. Refineries
  5. Water Treatment Plants

SAP MRO Module

The MRO solution encapsulates any maintenance environment - typically one dealing with large assets that are subject to a high degree of regulation or complexity. 

SAP Airline Solutions

SAP MRP is a key part of the SAP Airlines Solution and ultimately, part of the Aerospace & Defense (SAP for A&D) solution portfolio.  It has been developed based on continuous input from SAP Airline Customers, through their membership in the SAP Airline User Group, which meets annually to discuss their SAP aviation maintenance requirements.  It is part of the comprehensive SAP Solution developed to support the aerospace industry. 

Follows SAP Development Guidelines

As an SAP-endorsed business solution, iMRO 6.9 is complementary to SAP software offerings, has been developed in accordance with SAP Development Guidelines , and provides additional choices and flexibility for businesses running SAP applications.  This latest release is certified on the SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Pack 6 platform, including certification on SAP Business Suite on HANA.

Designed to Spur Innovation and Value Creation

 Complex asset maintenance businesses rely on SAP to help them acquire, install, operate, overhaul, and ultimately to dispose of their complex, expensive assets.  SAP technology provides end-to-end solutions that support each of these activities, within complete eco-system of manufacturers and MRO service providers. 

Boosting Aftermarket Service Business

Integration with the SAP HANA platform, enterprise mobile apps, analytics solutions and SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Applications support manufacturing processes and help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) transform their aftermarket services business. Aftermarket services typically offer higher profit margins than the sale of capital equipment and therefore OEMs are increasingly looking for ways to tap into this lucrative yet challenging market.

Enables Business Transformation Building Blocks

SAP iMRO Solution is a key enabling solution for business transformation.  Through the use of fapid templated implementations MRO business transformation projects drive down project risk, increase project ROI and improve overall MRO business processes.   Through the use of global template design and rollouts, customers can leverage the SAP S/4HANA platform and partner products to achieve entirely new, innovative, high-value process capabilities.

Provides 'Intelligent Maintenance' Capability Which Helps:

  • Maximize Aircraft Flight Hours
  • Minimize Ground and Hangar Time
  • Reduce and Eliminate In-Service disruptions or delayed return to service due to maintenance faults
    • Zero Aircraft on Ground (AOG) scenarios

      1. Minimize Turn-Around-Time for components
        Provides Rotable inventory optimization
      2. Reduced aircraft service interruptions
      3. Reduce / Eliminate Equipment failure due to under-maintenance or missed maintenance
      4. Reduce / Eliminate swapping out of Unserviceable Aircraft

Supports Optimized Maintenance Core Practices

  • Fixed scheduled (periodic and utilization based) maintenance
    • Detailed Maintenance program developed along with Aircraft by Manufacturer to optimize asset life and flying time
    • Tailored to fit with individual operations & corresponding aircraft configuration
  • Failure Rate Pattern Monitoring -> Predictive Maintenance
    • MTBF / MTBUR
  • Condition Monitoring
    • Integration to SCADA / ACARS
  • Use of equipment redundancy for critical parts (i.e. HF radios)
  • Use of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • Maximized use of Minimum Equipment List (MMEL/MEL)
    • Deferral of Maintenance without impacting Aircraft Operation
  • Maintenance programs developed using two basic approaches:
    • Process Oriented
    • Task Oriented

Process Oriented

  • Hard Time (HT)
    • Parts with defined life limits (landing gear, etc.)
    • Hard Life (mandated) and Soft Life (determined by Airline)
    • Remove part and overhaul or discard
    • Interval based on calendar time, landing cycles, flight hours, etc.
  • On-Condition (OC)
    • Parts with detectable wear-out periods (tires, brakes, control cables, etc.)
    • Periodic inspection or test against standard
    • Remove part and overhaul or discard
  • Condition Monitoring (CM)
    • Monitor failure rates, removals, etc.
    • Operate until failure
    • Require good records of unscheduled removals, maintenance log entries, pilot reports, etc.

Maintenance Practices Have Evolved

Task Oriented

  • Predetermined maintenance tasks avoid In-Service failure
  • Uses decision logic procedures
  • Focus on consequence of failure at highest manageable level in aircraft systems
    • 3 categories of Tasks
      • Airframe Systems
      • Structural Items
    • Sources of deterioration:
      • Environmental
      • Accidental
      • Fatigue
    • Zonal Tasks
      • Inspection of all systems, components in aircraft zone

Result : Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) MPD (Maintenance Planning Document)

  • All Maintenance tasks details from Regulator and OEM
    • Grouped by Letter check, hours, cycles, etc.
      • Transit checks, 48 hour checks, Hourly limit checks, Operating cycle checks, Letter checks
      • Also include details of access panels, man hours required, etc.

SAP Footprint in the Aviation Industry

  • More than 100 Airlines Worldwide run SAP
    • 25 % of those run SAP for MRO
  • 9 of the top 15 Airlines for System traffic run SAP
  • 7 out of top 10 most profitable airlines run SAP
  • The top 5 Airlines for International traffic run SAP
    • 14 of the 5 run SAP for MRO
  • Independent MRO & OEM Aftermarket Services – Proven Solution
  • 2006 Total Airframe Man-Hours By Corporate Entities
    • 6 of the Top Ten Companies run SAP
  • 2006 Third-Party Airframe Man-Hours By Corporate Entities
    • 36 of the Top Ten Companies run SAP
  • Over 40 Aviation Authorities, Airports and Air traffic entities run SAP
  • 30 + years of Industry Experience with leading Industry user group for MRO

Core MRO Business Requirements

  • Provide support for Regulatory requirements
  • Preserves/Enhance Safety
  • Deliver functionality to support business processes
  • Deliver deep integration with Corporate functions
    • Finance / Supply Chain / Human Capital Management
  • Autonomy and flexibility to adapt solution to business changes
  • Consultants trained with the know-how to implement and support the solution
  • A solution that is continuously enhanced
  • Up-to-date technology base
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

What you need in MRO Business Solution

A good MRO business solution coordinates all functions within the MRO organization to ensure an maximum efficiency and productivity, and maximum Aircraft Availability while staying within regulatory compliance guidelines.

It should provide support for:

  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Budget Constraints
  • Reducing Costs
  • Reduce Turnaround time
  • Regulatory Compliance

SAP Aerospace & Defense Industry Solution Provides the Foundation for the MRO Solution

  • MRO-M&E
  • Airline Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense

Typical Modules/Components for SAP MRO

Primary Modules

Primary Modules Other Modules & Components
Plant Maintenance (Enterprise Asset Management EAM) Quality Management
Service Management Production - Process
Materials Management Warehouse Management (LE)
Sales & Distribution Document Management System (DMS)
Project System Maintenance Service Planning (Part of APO in SCM)
Finance & Controlling Business Intelligence
Human Resources (Mini Master) SAP HANA or SAP ECC (Certain Versions have different capabilities and limitations)
Industry Solution for A&D  
Industry MRO  


iMRO is an SAP Endorsed Business Solution (SAP EBS) and add-on to SAP’s core product for MRO. It is built in SAP using NetWeaver

  • Reduces custom development
  • Reduces time, cost and risk to deploy SAP
  • Reduces support costs (supported via SAP)
  • Provides free software upgrades
  • Is an investment in the future (3 yr. roadmap)
  • Has been quality checked by SAP

iMRO Provides Extensive Usability Improvements and Enhancements


  • Simple and intuitive user interface designs
    • Highly configurable screens to suit customer needs

    • Advanced features are concealed

  • Consistent, but context sensitive, layouts

    • Appropriate use of pop-ups, messages etc.

    •  Specific vs. standard UI components

  • Continuous status feedback

    • E.g. breadcrumb, highlight, mouse icon, tooltip etc.

    • Progress bar/message for >2 second tasks

  • Quality look and feel

    • Logical UI element positioning (L->R, T->B) with ongoing migration to SAP Fiori based components.

    • Careful and consistent text styles, colors, fills, icons etc.

    • Use of white space to pass the “scan test”

Comes in Various Industry Flavors

Across the globe, railway customers have chosen to implement SAP solutions to run their core commercial systems of record, and they look to SAP to help extend their strategic investments. Through delivery of iMRO for Rail, used together with SAP EAM, rail customers have an even stronger set of solutions available for rail-assets management.  iMRO and SAP EAM provide end-to-end support for the repair services business, from planning and engineering to work scoping and execution.  Companies benefit through higher asset utilization and fewer un-forecasted flight schedule interruptions, fewer trains out-of-service and better overall profitability.


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Induction Workbench

The iMRO Induction Workbench Provides an Efficient In-processing System for Incoming Parts

The Induction Process consist of the following steps -

  • Creating a physical asset in the system for tracking purposes (accountability, shipping) through serial number creation / receipt
  • Setting up the internal objects used to
    • Manage scheduling of high-level work
    • Manage cost collection at assembly / aircraft / module level for future COPA / RA (Internal) or Resource-Related Billing (RRB)
  • Creating a mechanism to track parts as they are removed from the structures / assemblies in the subsequent phase of dispositioning
    • Getting the process to a place where the subsequent phase of dispositioning is supported through:
      • Work step references (repair orders – complex assets / aircraft process)
      • Labor collection (dispositioning labor and component repair)
      • Placeholder for in-process material reservations (component repair)
      • Support structure for external subcontracting

The iMRO Induction Workbench (SBX) triggers all the steps required to induct components, complex assets, or aircraft in a single transaction:

  • Generation of Sales Orders
  • Work scope input
  • Generation of Returns Delivery
  • Tally and Physical Receipt of End Item
  • Creation of Repair Work Order (component scenario) or a list of End Item Work Orders (complex / aircraft scenario)
  • Print Work Order
  • Issue Part to Repair Work Order (component scenario)
  • Creation of External Repair Purchase Order
  • Call Inspection Workbench (iMRO-IBX)
  • Call Electronic Work Instructions (iMRO-EWI)

Sub-Process of the Above Steps:

Creation of End Item Batch / Equipment, Operative Networks and Projects (in the complex / aircraft scenario).

Complex Asset/Engine Induction

Create Returns Delivery:

  • A returns delivery item is created for post-release shipment of the engine back to the customer - the storage location indicated in the configuration table for the Induction Schema / Notification Type will determine the source location for the delivery


Receive Complex Asset into Stock:

  • The complex asset will be received into the storage location specified in the Returns Delivery
  • A Material Document is created on saving – this will represent the engine receipt date

Create Strip and Build Orders:

  • Order generation method dependent on customizing for the Induction Schema
  • The project generated during Sales Order creation must be released (CJ20N) as a prerequisite for the order generation


Learn More About the  SAP iMRO Induction Workbench

Inspection Workbench

Supports Steps 2 and 3 of the Inspection Workbench Process

MRO Inspection Workbench Feature Summary

Support for sales order / 3rd party work  Complex Asset Overhaul Third Party Component Repair Aircraft Base or Hangar Maintenance
Support for sales order / 3rd party work  ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Revision or maintenance package basis ✔︎   ✔︎
Update flight hours/cycle ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Strip or remove parts and sets (e.g blades) ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Display and strip from technical structure (as-maintained, as-allowed or bill of material) ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Two-step disposition (strip part and then perform bench inspection) ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
One-step removal and disposition ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Customer or MRB hold and release ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Scrap/declare unserviceable ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Use as-is or declare serviceable and print serviceability tag ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Disposition as repairable and issue part to work in process ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Input of QM inspection results ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
View Mod, SB, AD and Repairs applicable ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Select and include Mod, SB, AD or Repair with associated task-list2 ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Combine / Eliminate duplicate task-lists (Mod (SB/AD), Repairs) ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Multiple plant or depot scenario ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Beyond economic repair calculation ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎
Configurable menus, buttons and screen layouts ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎


Provides Full Dispositioning Functionality

The iMRO Inspection Workbench provides a complete system for rapidly, automatically dispositioning every part, saving both manhours and avoiding disputes.



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Electronic Work Instructions - Work Execution

The EWI workbench provides a comprehensive electronic view of a ‘work order’ combining necessary system work process data into a single user interface, including:

  • Customizable work order header (schedule, contract / project assignment)
  • Customizable operation level data (system/user status, assigned personnel)
  • Operation long texts, comments, pop-up notes
  • Sub-operation / detailed data (including component reservations, documents, tools, inspection plans, engineering changes, operator certification)
  • Single point of access for user to update / enter results:
    • Order header / operation level comments
    • Sign-off (electronic stamp) each applicable operation
    • Input or update quality inspection results
    • Create / cancel goods movements
    • Create / cancel operation level labor confirmations
    • Create / update non-conformance quality notifications
    • Link to other SAP transactions, or customer defined functions
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Sourcing and Shortage Management

The Shortage Management Function of the iMRO Sourcing and Swap Workbench (SRC) is run by executing /Axonx/Source and provides

  • View of open shortages – both open and pegged
  • Details behind each pegged line item
  • Sourcing options for

Before parts can be ‘swapped’, they must be ‘sourced’ from a supply list of available replacement parts.

The iMRO Sourcing and Swap Workbench (SRC) supports

  • Remove part from stock to target work order
  • Remove part from stock to target work order and send replacement back to stock
  • Remove part from alternative (source) work order to target work order
  • Remove part from alternative (source) work order to target work order and send replacement from target work order back to alternative work order
  • Return part from current work order to stores
  • Return part from current work order to alternative work order
  • Automatically uninstall and install part at the same time that movements are being posted
  • Re-install returned part on alternative work order

Before parts can be ‘swapped’, they must be ‘sourced’ from a supply list of available replacement parts.


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Modification Workbench

  • Induction of a Service Bulletin or Directive received from a regulatory body or customer (Mod)
  • Mod Review Process and the final Release of the Mod
  • Identification of applicable technical objects for the Mod
  • Creation of a post-modification variant for a master parts list (MPL) node
  • Creation of a new MPL node introduced by a Service Bulletin issued by an OEM
  • Link one Mod or Engineering Order to another Mod with relationship types that will determine how the embodiment notifications and maintenance plans of these linked Mods are processed
  • Embodiment Rules for the Mod per Customer
  • Creation of Master Plan for the Mod, and subsequent
    • Operative Maintenance Plans (for repetitive) OR
    • Notifications (for one-off work) per applicable technical object
  • Report on the Embodiment Status of the Mod

Effectivity Monitoring and Maintenance

Applicability Rules Sub-Screen:

  • This is where applicability values and ranges for the Engineering Order being processed are maintained. These values are used to search for applicable technical objects such as equipment, functional location, or part numbers, which are classified using the same characteristics with characteristic values meeting the applicability ranges on the Engineering Order
  • The class is defaulted from customizing for the document type. It has to be created via transaction code CL02 and maintained in table /AXONMBX/CU04A.
  • Depending on values selected in the Applicability Rules sub-screen, applicable technical objects will be identified and displayed in the Linked Technical Object sub-screen on the right by using the ‘Identify Linked Objects’ button. Only technical objects with a characteristic matching the applicability rules sub-screen are identified as applicable.
  • The technical objects identified will be deemed applicable to the Engineering Order and document object links will be created on saving the transaction.

Inheritance sub-screen:

  • A source document can be specified from which copying / inheritance of applicability rules can be performed.
  • Use either Copy or Reference functions as necessary depending on whether the Engineering Order should adopt identical or just similar applicability rules as compared to the source document
  • The ‘Copy’ function copies applicability rules from the source document, allowing each to be edited independently. Changes to the applicability rules on the source document after the copy are not reflected in referenced Engineering Orders

The ‘Reference’ function creates a persistent link between the applicability rules of the source document and the Engineering Order. Any subsequent changes to the applicability rules of the source document after the ‘referencing’ are automatically reflected in all referenced Engineering Orders

Linked Technical Objects sub-screen:

  • All technical objects in the system – equipment records, functional locations, materials and MPL nodes – that are applicable to the Engineering Order being processed are displayed here. These objects can be populated automatically via the Linked Object features (classification), or can be input manually.
  • Records are marked as either:
    • Deleted – will be removed on SAVE
    • Green Traffic Light – are applicable and have previously been stored in the database (object links exist between the Engineering Order and the technical object)
    • Yellow Traffic Light – are applicable according to classification but no object link has yet been stored in the database. A document link will be created on SAVE
    • Red Traffic Light – are not applicable according to classification, however it is possible to manually override. A document link will be created on SAVE



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Flight Schedule, Logbook Extensions and Fleet Management Portal

Flight Schedule: Background & Concept

Flight Schedules

  • Required for aircraft operators that have either fixed, seasonal or ad-hoc flight requirements
  • Two main elements
    • Seasonal Flight Schedule
      • Generic Schedule and Parameters
    • Operational Flight Records
      • Specific tail number assignments
    • The flight schedule functionality provides ability to quickly generate operational flights against which logs, measurements can be held
    • Close integration to other aspects of the business
      • Line Maintenance operations
      • Line Maintenance work packaging
      • Electronic logbook

Fleet Management Portal (FMP) Background & Concept

The FMP was created to be used by maintenance organizations as a result of the need for a consolidated planning board / dashboard view of the:

  • Configuration, progress and compliance status of assemblies / aircraft and their associated maintenance activity
  • Consolidated flight logs / flight utilization reading capture
  • Consolidated check-based reporting


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SAP A&D Solution Architecture

SAP Aerospace & Defense Solution Architecture

SAP iMRO is built on the SAP ECC + IS A&D Industry Solution

SAP ECC/SAP ERP provides the core cost effective required functionality of any MRO business, including Finance, Logistics, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Management.

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 7.39.36 PM

SAP CRM Provides Stakeholders With the Information Needed

  • Service Order Status
  • Aircraft Status

Cost Reduction

SAP ERP + iMRO helps reduce cost, complexity and risk for large and small airlines, manufacturers and third-party MRO providers by delivering best practices for maintenance engineering, maintenance planning, maintenance operations and business support processes.

Leading Industry MRO Consulting Team

Detering Consulting has a significant number of the industry's most experienced professionals specializing in the delivery of sustained business improvement through technology enabled transformation programs. Detering Consulting's consultants bring in-depth industry expertise alongside Best Practice functional knowledge to address the strategic, operational, information management and organizational effectiveness challenges faced by organizations today.

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The SAP MRO, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul  Solution covers a wide scope.  This in-depth page covers all of them and is quite long.  That's why we have made it available as a downloadable ebook.
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The SAP iMRO Solution provides comprehensive functionality to support the full range of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) activities including integration with flight operations.  This in-depth page covers all of them and is quite long.  That's why we have made it available as a downloadable ebook.

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