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SAP ACS Warranty Quick Scan Request 

QuickScan Workshop Setting

The QuickScan methodology is a Detering Consulting proprietary scoping methodology with the goal of informing focused project planning.


SAP ACS Warranty Quick Scan Request 

Simple to do. 

Need to quickly scope your warranty claims management requirements? There is a proven way to do it, called the SAP ASC Warranty Management QuickScan. 

What is it?  

  • A one-week on-site workshop with key business stakeholders
  • Workshop topics walk-through: 100 Q&A checklist items
  • Holistic approach, using advanced consulting expertise coupled with our proprietary Quickscan method
  • Major deliverable is a scoping document

Scoping document informs about the eight dimensions of scope and enables your PMO to plan, scope, timeline and call out internal and external project roles, skillset and roles required to execute your project successfully.


In short: a focused, one-week investment is all that is needed to develop a project proposal to your organization's executive management!


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