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How to justify SAP Warranty Management [Interactive Calculator]

How to justify SAP Warranty Management [Interactive Calculator]

Interactive SAP Warranty Management Project Calculator

Are you not yet using SAP Warranty Management? Are you a warranty manager in the Automotive, Industrial Equipment or Aviation industry?

Are you experiencing excessive warranty claim expenditures?

Many of my clients were suffering some of the same issues before they implemented the solution I am going to tell you about. That’s why I wanted to introduce you to the SAP Warranty Value Calculator, which we call the SAP Warranty Treasure Map.

SAP Warranty Treasure Map

There are many ways to design and implement an effective warranty claims management process. We believe whichever way you chose should be guided by not just your functional requirements but as well, by the potential ROI.

If you’re an existing SAP user or are planning on acquiring SAP then you are in luck. Because it comes equipped with one of the most effective warranty claims management systems in existence. We believe in letting the numbers speak for themselves. That is why we wanted to share the Warranty Treasure Map, a totally free online interactive value calculator. With this calculator, we can take your current numbers, such as revenue, revenue to claims ratio, and other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and predict how much your organization can save in the following areas:

  • Automatic Checks and Rules
  • More efficient processing
  • Savings in Vendor Recovery
  • Faster Recovery Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet Reduction of Accrual

Click this link to go directly to the Warranty Treasure Map, a guided procedure. Make sure to give it a few seconds to load.

After reviewing the Treasure Map, be sure to request a free consultation by clicking the button below.

Treasure Map for SAP Warranty Management Processing

Warranty Processing Treasure Map

The image above is our 1-page Warranty Project calculator which is a second powerful tool that we use as a conversation starter. It is a prime example of how you can capture the knowledge of Subject Matter Experts and develop a useful tool. We would love the opportunity to show you just how many business benefits, both operational and financial,  your organization could get from using SAP Warranty Management. Please click the button below to have us schedule a demo or help you build a business case for your implementation project.


Try SAP Warranty Project Calculator


About the Author: Soren Detering

Soren is a SAP Senior Solution Architect , Founder and Owner at Detering Consulting, a niche SAP consulting firm focusing on SAP Sales, Service, and Warranty Management Solutions

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