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Successful SAP Warranty Claims Go Live at Blount International

Detering Consulting recently implemented the SAP ACS Warranty and Dealer Portal solution at Blount, 

About Blount International


Blount Internationalfor the Woods, Oregon and SpeeCo brands.

Blount is headquartered in Portland, OR.  Blount's Woods Equipment brand implemented SAP Warranty. The Woods manufacturing plant is located in Oregon, IL, near Chicago, where technical support, warranty administration, and supplier recovery functions are managed.

Blound Woods Speeco products picture Warranty Implementation

Woods makes FRAG; Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture equipment. Quoting the Warranty Director project owner “I have been really pleased with the SAP Warranty implementation by Detering Consulting. I have been happy with what has been going on!”.

Thank you dear customer, it’s been a pleasure working with and for you!

If you would like to read the Case Study about this successful implementation of the SAP ACS Warranty Management Solution, please 


Read the Blount International  SAP ACS Warranty Management Case Study
Helping our customers win using SAP is our mission. 

Soren Detering

My name is Soren. I am the founder of Detering Consulting. I began the company in 2003 because I wanted to provide more value for SAP customers. I knew that many of them were missing out on all the great benefits that could be obtained from the software. Before establishing Detering Consulting, I completed my education by obtaining a Master’s in Computer Science. After that, I worked at SAP in Germany and SAP Labs in North America for 10 years. My extensive background in solution management, project planning and -management, implementation services and leadership includes experience in: Automotive, A&D, High Tech, Medical Equipment, and Manufacturing Industries.
Me and my teams have successfully assisted many customers with their SAP ERP software, completed several full life cycle implementation projects, and carried out over 30 projects in SAP ECC and S/4 Hana. My experience has given me the unique ability to scope out ERP solutions in a very short amount of time. I have a knack for finding untapped money-making opportunities and discovering areas where customers could be saving money. I currently live and work in Palo Alto, CA just 10 minutes away from the SAP office. I dedicate myself to helping our clients with our SAP consulting services. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing, kickboxing, and spending time with my family and our two Taiwanese Mountain dogs.

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