SAP Hybris Billing

SAP Hybris Billing is a solution built originally for Telcos (Telecommunications), Transportation and Utilities industries, which is increasingly being utilized across industries. For example, high tech manufacturing companies with usage-type billing requirements, software companies shifting towards subscription or outcome based selling and cloud service providers with complex billing rules. The solution formerly known as SAP BRIM (SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management ), now simply called Hybris Billing, supports forming a price for any type of metric:

  • Time
  • Usage
  • By Period
  • Device Measurements
  • Package Prices

or any combination thereof.

Hence supporting options and opportunities for businesses to offer limitless new pricing models. Hybris Billing allows rapid pricing model changes across a large customer base. Providing unprecedented agility in pricing, convergent charging, and invoicing.


CC – Convergent Charging

Part of Hybris Billing is Convergent Charging (CC), a solution integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on premise and ECC or S/4 HANA in the SAP system landscape, supporting dynamic business model changes that translate easily into a flexible charging and pricing framework.

 SAP Convergent Invoicing enables pulling information from several billing streams (SAP Convergent Charging and non-SAP rating or pricing engines), and individually rated Service Events, from various rating or charging systems to consolidate into a single invoice. You can achieve a single view of the customer with historical items such as overdue open items, disputed charges or payments made.

Your customers receive a single, consolidated invoice. The result is greater visibility into each customer account or contract, which facilitates efforts to deliver higher, more personalized levels of service.

During the actual invoicing run, SAP Convergent Invoicing automatically triggers the contract account receivable and payable functionality to coordinate information as required.

CI – Convergent Invoicing

When SAP Convergent Invoicing is integrated with SAP Convergent Charging (and CRM), you can create and deploy flexible rating and charging schemes relevant to your industry. Usage transactions from SAP Convergent Charging flow into the billable item management functionalities of SAP Convergent Invoicing for billing and invoicing.

To accommodate partnerships with third-party organizations and ramp up new services efficiently, you need flexible filling functions that can integrate charges for third party services. You can treat third party charges differently from claims attributed to your own organization.

SAP Convergent Invoicing makes it easier to initiate and manage the details associated with running discount programs with functions that allow you to define flexible rules that automatically trigger discounts.

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